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  • “Anne-Marie adds an enormous amount of value by using her extensive marketing experience to suggest options and ideas that enhance the outcome of her work.”
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Need another marketing pair of hands to help with the work? Are your staff drowning under their current workload? Are vacancies killing your timelines? We can help!
Our Pharma consulting services cover Portfolio Management, Market Entry and Distribution. Marketing plans and product assessments are some of the common projects we work on.

OZ Pharma Marketing Services:

Oz Pharma Contracting & Consulting is a leading pharmaceutical marketing consultancy that provides services for the Pharmaceutical industry in the USA, Australia and other regions.

We work with clients to provide Contracting Services (Temporary Marketing help) for short term projects, vacancy gaps or Consulting Services such as feasibility studies, business plans, launch plans, divisional set-up etc.

Since 1999, Oz Pharma’s founder, Anne-Marie Watson has been working as a pharmaceutical marketing consultant and contractor, after a successful marketing career spanning many years in the Australian industry.

Oz Pharma has recently relocated to New Jersey, USA , where we look forward to continuing our tradition of providing the highest quality level of pharmaceutical marketing contracting and consulting services to US companies in the North Eastern region.

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Marketing help for Small Businesses or Start Ups:

If you are a first time entrepreneur, thinking of launching a new product concept into the Australian Pharma market, then look no further than here.

We have a specialised specialised approach for assisting small businesses and start ups, with cost effective consulting and turnkey solutions to suit their needs. We have extensive experience in all marketing facets of the industry from concept to launch. There is no better business to assist you than us. >>>Read more....

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