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Contracting Services

Temporary 'Stop Gap' Marketing

Need another marketing pair of hands to help with the work?

Is one of your staff away and your other staff are drowning under the extra workload?

Do you have key projects that never get done bec ause there are always other more important priorities?

Oz Pharma specialises in providing temporary ‘stopgap’ marketing help through our marketing contractors, to US pharmaceutical companies, mainly in the New Jersey and New York regions. We can help with temporary staff for resource gaps, work overflows or vacancy interim periods.

Depending on clients needs, our contractors can complete specific projects or temporarily fill in a staff vacancy. When staff resourcing levels need extra support, Oz Pharma contractors can get you out of trouble! Some of our most frequent requests for contracting occur due to:

  • new product launches
  • increased promotional activity
  • peak activity periods such as pre-conference, start of the year or planning time.

Other situations where contracting is required include:

  • when staff take vacation leave for an extended period
  • an unfilled vacancy gap prior to the next employee starting
  • a maternity leave vacancy or gap
  • When positions are temporarily frozen while headcount approval or reassessment is completed.

Many of these situations can create enormous stress and lower productivity rates for the staff concerned, which may be easily alleviated by temporary extra resources. The extra resourcing may only last a very short while but can prevent declines in staff morale and ensure focus remains on other high priority projects.

What Does A Marketing Contractor Do?

If you’ve never used a freelance marketing contractor before, then it may not be obvious what activities they would normally do, how they would work and just how to use them effectively for your department or company.        >>> Read more

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Contracting services

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