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Services Offered by Oz Pharma

There are two major types of services we offer to pharmaceutical and Healthcare companies:

Contracting services

Oz Pharma specialises in providing temporary ‘stopgap' marketing help through our marketing contractors, to US pharmaceutical companies, in the New Jersey and New York regions of USA. We can help with temporary staff for filling resource gaps or vacancy interim periods or work overflows.

Depending on clients needs, our contractors can complete specific projects or temporarily fill in a staff vacancy.

 >> more about contracting

Consulting services

Oz Pharma also provides consulting services as one of its major activities.

Our business is a small niche based consultancy that now focuses on business opportunities in the US or Australian pharmaceutical markets. Our staff consists of one principal consultant and a few highly experienced associates who are utilised when projects require additional manpower or cover wider markets outside of the US.

Examples of consulting projects may include business or marketing plans, launch plans and channel strategy review.

>> more about consulting

What's the Difference between Contracting & Consulting?

A question that often gets asked is ‘what is the difference between contracting & consulting, if any'?

While both require experienced workers, the differences relate to the type of work involved, resources required and specialist knowledge required. >> More ..

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Contracting services

Consulting services

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