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Small Business

All companies entering the pharmaceutical industry have to start somewhere and it is encouraging that many solo operators and entrepreneurs find the pharmaceutical industry an attractive marketplace to launch their new ideas.

The needs of s small start-up business however are distinctly different from those of the global corporate entity.

Small businesses may have:

  • Limited budgets and resources to implement research pre-launch
  • Limited means of understanding the size of their potential segment, pricing etc or the real factors required for successful distribution of products in pharmacies and/or grocery.
  • A great product idea but little idea of how to commercialise it.


What can Oz Pharma Do?

As a small business, we understand the impact of limited finances, the importance of cashflow and prioritising needs and wants.

  1. We can provide a tailored consulting service for start-up businesses to assist them review the market-place, assess feasibility and develop launch strategies for their new idea. Contact us. 
  2. Oz Pharma has a special consulting rate for start-ups. Contact us to discuss this now.
  3. Our sister business “Southside Marketing Solutions' provides a number of services and products for small businesses. These are applicable for a wide range of businesses and organisations. Visit the ‘Southside Marketing Solutions' website.
  4. Check out our FREE resources for Start Up Businesses as well as existing Small BusinessesVisit Southside's 'Marketing Tools & Downloads' section
  5. Look at some of the links provided below which are specifically for start up businesses.
  6. Use our Marketing Hotline Service. You can get targeted cost-effective advice to answer your marketing questions about a product launch or any other subject. The hotline service operates for a limited time period in 1-2 hour slots and helps minimise cost layout. Book a Hotline service now!
  7. Oz Pharma also has a range of contacts that can assist with speeding your product to market including regulatory, technical, manufacturing etc. These are associates of the company who are not financially connected – they are known for their solid reputation or personal experience. Contact us now to discuss.


Small Business Links




  • NSW BEC– NSW government supported Business Advisory Centres ; provide advice, training and resources for small and home based businesses





  • IP Australia– home page for government body that administers trademarks, patents and intellectual property for plants and plant materials.





  • AusTrade– For businesses exporting overseas.



  • Business Angels– Service that matches globally investors with commercial ventures seeking funding, equity partnerships etc.
  •– American website to help inventors commercialise their products.

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